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So, I’m from Rio and if you know what does it mean, you understand how hard it is for me to figure it out what to do in NYE in Los Angeles. If you don’t, let me explain. In Rio, this time of the year, it’s around 40º (celsius) with thermal feeling of 55º.It’s pretty, pretty hot. And as a good carioca (people who was born in Rio), or Brazilian for that matters, I used to spend NYE at the beach, jumping waves (more about that later) and watching fireworks. I don’t know any other kind of NYE. Even when I travel, it is usually for a place with the same scenario.

So here I am, living in Los Angeles. And yes, it is cold. Really cold. But, you know, there is sun, and there is beach. So, imagine what I did for my first NYE here? Yes. I went to the beach. And I freeze my ass of. And no, there wasn’t any fireworks. Nada.

3 years later, I’m still trying to figure it out. And no, unfortunately I could’t travel, so I’m gonna have to find a cool place to welcome 2016.

If you are around and is also trying to find out what to do, here are some ideas:

I tried this one last year. It is pretty cool. Literally. But putting the cold apart, it was really nice. The close a big part of the streets around the City Hall, where you can enjoy free concerts, a projection at the City Hall building and different kinds of food trucks. And the best part, the entrance is free and very family friendly! Sorry, no alcohol allowed.

P/S: Make sure to bring blankets and lots and lots of coats.

This will be my choice for this year, as I really want to see fire works (and be at a beach).

They have two parties. One at the beach starting at 6pm, which is for families. And it’s free. The party ends with a firework show at 9pm (east side time). You can stay there to watch the midnight fires from the Queen Mary ship.

Or, you can go to the street party that happens in Downtown, where they close several streets. Tickets will cost $40 at the door day of event.

I’ve never been to this one, but it is on my plans. For a certain price, you can spend the night in a 1800’s century ship, with a fancy dinner and music included. And to end the night perfectly, a beautiful firework show (that you can enjoy for free from the beach)

If you are looking for an awesome party, here are some great tips:


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